SURENDRAPURI Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

SURENDRAPURI Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step SURENDRAPURI Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step
Surendrapuri is an Epitome of Effective, Efficient ,Exuberant ,Ebullient ,Excellent ,Epistemological Experience .It is 60 kms from Hyderabad and it is just 2 kms from Yadadri (Telangana Tirupati). It is a mythological marvel which has been conceptualised and created single handedly by Sri.Kunda Sathyanarayana. After 4000 days of hardwork and commitment, Surendrapuri took concrete shape.
- Today Surendrapuri stands as an elegant testimony to one man’s Determination , Dedication , Devotion.It offers you an unforgettable , unbeatable , inimitable , impeccable glimpses of India’s spiritual , mythological and cultural treasure. There is a place on earth where we can catch a glimpse of heaven idest Swargapuri -Surendrapuri .It is a unique destination spreading over 3kms walk which comprises sculptures,temples and recreational celestial world to provide once in a life time experience of our glorious heritage.
- “PEOPLE FORGET YEARS AND REMEMBER MOMENTS”- It is a masterpiece shift from old museology (Behaviourist approach) to new museology (constructivist approach). This museum has become visitor centric rather than collection centric which acts as a Facilitator , Enabler , Mediator – making of visitors. It replicates the true spirit of socio-cultural activity theory idest conceptualisation of museum and interaction among visitors.
- “ HEAVEN MEANS TO BE ONE WITH GOD” – It’s a store house of replicas of major temples from Kashmir to kanyakumari, the fantastic and fabulous saptha lokas- the 7th Heaven – 7 celestial worlds like BRAMHALOKAM ,VISHNU LOKAM , SIVA LOKAM , NAGA LOKAM , INDRA LOKAM , YAMA LOKAM , PAATHAALA LOKAM are astounding , amazing , astonishing.
- “ MYTHS ARE PUBLIC DREAMS , DREAMS ARE PRIVATE MYTHS.”- From PANCHAMUKHA HANUMAN TEMPLE TO VENKATESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE , NAVAGRAHA TEMPLE , DWADASA RASI VANAM , NAKSHTRA VANAM and many more stunning structures introduce you to India’s mythology, culture and tradition.While the visitor enters the sculpture showing the killing of Bakasura by Lord Krishna, one can see numerous goddess with their varied postures and attires.
- The remarkable reverberating PADMAVYUHA PADMA DWEEPAM and myriad gods highly memorable.
- Centre of DWADASHA JYOTHIRLINGAS (RADIANCE FROM LINGA) and ASHTADASHA SAKTHIPEETAS are ever heart touching. The fascinating event of MAHA BHARATHA , RAMAYANA and other puranas carved out as eye-catching sculptures in an unparalleled and unprecedented way employing ultra modern aesthetic techniques and they all given an UNEXPLICABLE experience
- The churning of Ksheera sagaram using Mount Mandara by Gods and Demons is moulded in a Heart moving way.
- Gajendra Moksham stands as a wonderful symbol of devotion. The arrival of Lord Vishnu and goddess for saving Gajendra is spectacular. The 36ft. High sculpture depicting Lord Krishna enlightening Arjuna with message of Bhagavadgita(song of God) touches the heart of viewers.
- Equally Fascinating is the dancing of Bala Krishna on the hoods of Kaliya. The sculptutres showing Krishna lifting Govardhana Mountain , his romantic deeds with shepherd maids-Gopikas- taking away their robes in fun , the killing of various demons , romantic angels in the centre , 8 cardinal rulers of eight sides of the earth-all these look beautiful and wonderful creating a heart elating atmosphere.
- The moulds showing the birth of Anjaneya , his marriage with Suvarchala , killing of demon –Lankhini , bringing Sanjeevani , carrying Rama & Lakshmana, flying in the sky and bringing them to Sugriva- are all simply exciting.
- Hanuman giving the Prasad to devotees with his own hand is ever remembering.
- A 101 FT SIVALINGA for kala sarpa dosha puja is worth seeing- SEEING IS BELIEVING
- Unique Game-changing ART (Augmented Reality Technology)-A combination of a real scene viewed by a user and a virtual scene generated by a computer that augments the scene with additional information-ART
- For the 1st time in India, you can watch the grand legend of NARASIMHAVATARA in an attractive Animation mode.
- Powered with advanced Augmented Reality Technology, every sculpture here talks to you narrating historic events related to each one of them. All you need is to install Surendrapuri App on your Smart phones and just scan the mythological events on boards placed before the temples, you can listen to all the tales.
- It is a Historical Museum written by Victors. It is not a museum, It is not a place of ARTIFACTS , its a place of INITIATION, INTRODUCTION, INNOVATION , INVESTIGATION , INQUISITIVENESS.
Let us all visit Surendrapuri- Symbol of success. Success is a thing when your signature becomes a autograph.